• “A place where the sick & suffering find solace, The poor are not denied care, The dying find peace of mind ”

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Pure Lotus hospice of compassion takes in end stage cancer patients who are poor, single with no carers or no place to stay. Pure Lotus Hospice offers Palliative Care round the clock. We have professional doctors and nurses who look after the medical and nursing care. The care is holistic embracing medical ,physical and emotional care. Spiritual care is given great emphasis. We take in all regardless of race or religion. We are the only In-Patient NGO Hospice in Malaysia.

History of Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion

Pure  Lotus Hospice of Compassion  was founded in the year 2001 in a rented bungalow. The founder ,Venerable Lyan Shih, a retired Nurse-Tutor was inspired to start the Hospice when she was frequently asked by patients ,“ the doctor said there is nothing more they could do and ask us to go home. Where can we go? Who will look after us?” With a group  of friends,  she courageously started the Hospice with no funds, no place , no expertise but with lots of heart, faith and compassion. This is the driving force which today will see a new six storey building coming up.

Palliative Care Services

Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion is the only  NGO In–Patient Hospice, where the patients are cared for round the clock. Doctors and nurses provide professional medical and nursing care with supportive ancillary staff The  patients are mainly bed bound and would require everything done for them .The main aim is to see the patients as comfortable as possible and free from pain.

Spiritual Care plays an important role in the end-stage care. Patients find solace,  peace and relief and often die with peace of mind.

Bereavement  support  for relatives and friends  are a great comfort to them  in their hour of grief and they often come back to express their gratitude.

Out Reach Programme

Pure Lotus  also reach out to those living with HIV/AIDS.

We have a Program –Coordinator who refers them to Hospital and purchase their medications for them.

Future Plans

We are in the process of building of 6 storey building to accommodate the increasing numbers of cancers patients.

New Building

The new building of Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion started operation on 9 December 2019.