• “A place where the sick & suffering find solace, The poor are not denied care, The dying find peace of mind ”

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Nursing Care

Nurses perform all nursing cares for the patient especially for those who are bed-ridden such as bed baths, toileting, feeding and dressing.

Spiritual Support

For people who are sick they usually have a lot of fear and suffering. For end stage cancer patients, this fear is compounded by the fear of death. Spiritual counseling plays an important role in eliminating the fear.

Complementary Therapy

"We not only care for you until you die, but let you live until you die."

Volunteers play an active role in making sure that their days are as meaningful as possible by engaging them in art, music ,reaki. For those who can sit up in wheel chairs they are taken out for picnic, tea or lunch whenever the opportunity arises.

Pet Therapy

Tai Chi

Nagomi Art

Encourage Patients to help themselves

Patients when they become bed-ridden are entirely dependent on others feel hopeless and loss of dignity. Sometimes we encourage them to do things for themselves.