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Hospice seeking RM10mil to build new centre

The Star

Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion in Penang aims to raise RM10 million to construct a new center for end-of-life care, expanding beyond serving only end-stage cancer patients due to limited space. The organization, reliant on public donations, plans to accommodate more patients, prioritize the underprivileged, and hopes to achieve this goal through various fundraising events and community support.

Providing care and comfort at the end of life

Buletin Mutiara

IMAGINE growing old, discovering and developing new illnesses within your body that could prove to be fatal, and then departing earthly life without the care of your loved ones. Despite living in a world that is evolving faster than we could imagine, the discussion and importance of end-of-life care should not be neglected but prioritised.

Cafe with a big heart

Buletin Mutiara

A food outlet is not necessarily always about serving the best food in town; it is also about going the extra mile and giving back to the community that makes it special. One such cafe is the Pure Lotus Cafe, a vegetarian cafe that not only serves delicious and mouthwatering dishes but provides a conducive and peaceful environment for customers.

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